In the first publication, Merlin provides adolescent Tertius the new gift of coming degree

Robert Newman. It seems like it can be certainly one of Newman’s courses–possibly ” Merlin’s Mistake ” or ” The fresh new Review regarding Tertius “. the guy wind up going on a quest with a couple other people and you will spends their degree, but everyone else thinks it’s magic because they don’t understand technology. Next publication is actually a sequel, and you can I am a tiny vague on facts, however, a computer obviously match the brand new resolution.

SOLVED: Peter McGowen, The fresh new Magician’s age across the book in question! This is exactly without a doubt it. It’s a beneficial trilogy and then I’m able to look at the whole series: Magician’s Apprentice, Magician’s Challenge and Magician’s Organization.

Regarding some clamity or other one to results in extensive devistation in the the usa in any event

M514: Man and teddy bear parachute out of WWII airplane I also remember that the man took the bear with him where ever he went and had various matching clothes for him and the bear. He served in WWII in the british air force I think and had the bear in a matching flight suit. On day he gets shot down and he and the bear parachute out. He loses the bear for awhile after that, but finds it in a bar years later.

William P. du Bois, Gentleman Bear , 1986, copyright. “[William P. du Bois’] “Gentleman Bear” (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1986) described the adventures of Lord Billy Browne-Browne and his constant companion, Bayard the teddy bear, at the Olympics, meeting Hitler and getting shot down in an airplane.” [see NY Times P. du Bois Is Dead at 76; Author and Illustrator for Children”] M515: Magic coin purse Solved: Queen Zixi of Ix M516: M517: Hvorfor ikke sjekke her Mother Eve / spaceship crash / Utopian society Solved: Eve’s Rib M518: Multicultural orange book with asian boy taking whole ocean into cheeks I am looking for a book from my childhood (I was born in ’69, and I’d guess the book was not new at the time I recall it, maybe by 72 or 73). Here’s what I remember: the color orange (either from the hardcover or the internal illustrations), the sense that the book featured children from all over the world – that the point was to feature each country and a little bit about its culture – and there was an asian boy who swallowed the ocean in it (and, no, it’s not the fable of the 5 or 7 chinese brothers, which I also have obtained) and I also vaguely remember a blond dutch girl with pigtails. I remember the illustrations swirling across the page – not being traditionally laid out. My little brother has almost the precise vague memory I have, so we’re no help to one another, although we’ve discussed it periodically over the years and BOTH would be thrilled to recall it. Thanks!

Secret / crime thriller Repaired: My personal Sweet Audrina

Childcraft Volume 5 . Could it have been one of the Childcraft volumes? There were some with orange covers, and Volume 5 was a book of stories from around the world. More info here: . I’ve located the recommended book online, and while the cover doesn’t look familiar to me, it also doesn’t look unfamiliar to me (if that makes any sense). Once I’ve reviewed it, I’ll update whether it is or is not the right answer. I don’t recall the book of my memories being multiple stories like Childcraft Vol. 5, as opposed to just one, but we’ll see. M519: man sends family across country in jeep after civilization ends This is a book likely written in the 70’s. After many years, one old timer wants to send his son or daughter out to see what is left, and he tells them to get a Jeep, which they have to fix after 30 years or so of sitting, and make or take bows and arrows with them. All I remember.

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